INTYRE: the company

Intyre NV is a family company located at 30 km's from the Antwerp seaport. For over 30 years, our company is specialized in the export and import of tyres all over Belgium, in Europe and overseas. We sell to small and large wholesalers, but also to individual customers.

Intyre trades in used and second hand tyres, but also new tyres and remoulded tyres.

Over the years, we built a network as well for buying as for selling all over the world. We export our tyres to all European countries, Africa, South America and Asia Pacific.  In Belgium we deliver to local tyre specialists and garages.

Intyre does not collect tyres. We only buy used tyres which are afterwards thoroughly inspected, tested under pressure and stored in our warehouse according to different sizes and qualities. 

Thanks to our giant stock, we can ship fully loaded containers to your place of destination all over the world. Our specialized personnel handles your cargo for the most optimal loading of the container. Customers come at site for site inspection tests before loading or we ship according to their needs.

We also offer smaller quantities to local carsalers or garages. You will find all brands and sizes. Free delivery service available (minimum quantity requirements).